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About us

First time in the ring with 6 months old Cilka, our first dane.


Cilka Great Danes was established in 1972.
We are members of CKC,  GDCC and FGKC.
Through the years we have bred many, many champions  including BIS, BISS, BPIS winners  and  # 1 dane in Canada.
We like our fawns the best , but bred some brindles in past, and now we even have a black and white monster , our very first harl.
All  our dogs are pure color bred  .
Because all our dogs live with us in the house, we have a limited breeding program.  Our old dogs are never placed.   
 Actually it is our pleasure they hang around for a long time.
Longevity and a good health were always our first priority.  Our personal dogs are health tested and all current adults we have received OFA CHIC # with all results for hips, eyes, thyroid  and heart in the normal range.
Our adult dogs are raw fed and all the animals here are raised on a natural diet or as close as we can to it.  The dogs enjoy a lot of free running, sharing our 10 acres with  our horses.


Danes are very special.  If you decide to take one on as a part of your family, keep it for ever.
Here is one who was no longer wanted by her family, tossed out  like a garbage at 4 years old . Fortunately she was taken in by our friend Lucy G.  Zena lived with Lucy`s  family 7 more years  and is still remembered  and missed.
We are in your debt Lucy.


 Zena , old but still beautiful.


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